Thursday, April 9, 2015

You Touch My Hand

Wait, that was my
idea. I touched your hand.
Just now,
I thought of something

I am not going to say
what that is. You are
going to ask again
against my posturing

against your posture
(How I love
your posture)
How can I

negotiate your place
within my history
(How can I)
move ahead to where we are?

Friday, March 27, 2015

Allow Me

To your place
To place
What I may

And you
E pluribus

One on one
To form
True that

I bless you
Few fears
North of
Here with me

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Am I the Only Semaphore

Grasp the beak and show
your cards. Threads of
system hatch. I squeak

One of us is roan,
the other, safe.
I live between
the icicles and harsh

leaves. No one rakes
the dross, few
sample smoke.
We speak across

the barbecue. What town
is this? Are we
a neighborhood?
A lifetime come to seed.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Post Hoc

The only one with
sense of humor worth
recruiting and retaining
takes such heavy
doses of prescription pellets
her reality needs 
a crane to get some places
she saves up gumption
at the point of feeling revved enough
she calls and says
her former husband her supplier
lives on instinct and peculiarity
she hears him dither 
disembark and drain the neighbors
while she majors in 
divinity of outliers 
who claim they pray


He followed her

Toothpick legs
beneath good

A small mis-

went like this
who are you
talking to

that statue
out of bounds
whose cold caffeine

Hyp Not Ic

If some
thing happens
leave me
out of it

Narration equals
threads going
every which

I prefer
a quiet house
the air programmed
to go on
off again

So I am
thoughtless can repeat
this even
sing sometimes

Qua Si

Everything sounded alikely exclusive
things only
counted when you met

(One is apt
to fluster
amid aptitude)

Little bells collapse
popular silence

Perturbable sleep
coats reputation
of this city
with a warp of dowd

Now and again
words postulate
seasonal abscess